Follow-up and customer support


Siepel, your service provider for facility monitoring

One of our most important commitments is to providing our customers with the support they need during the entire service life of their test equipment. This covers the associated services:

  • During operation: preventive or corrective maintenance, modifications to facilities;
  • Movements of equipment: disassembly, relocation, evacuation, reprocessing, etc.

Siepel Measurements is also your point of contact for measurement services.

Maintenance of your test equipment

Our after-sales service ensures the maintenance of all types of shielded rooms/anechoic chambers, shielded boxes. Choose the approach that best meets your needs: a preventive maintenance contract or corrective maintenance activities.

Thanks to the continuously available stock of replacement parts, we can be reactive and respond to your requests irrespective of the brand of your facility.

We also train our customers in level-one maintenance operations and supply them with the required spare parts.

Modifications to shielded and anechoic enclosures

In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing modular shielded rooms, we can provide a range of additional services of all types covering all product brands. These include:

  • The redimensioning of existing shielded rooms,
  • Modifications to anechoic chambers in order to adapt them to your wishes in terms of technical development, new versions of standards, building-related constraints, etc.
  • The renovation of existing chambers by replacing electromagnetic absorbers and other components (doors, shielding).

Disassembly, relocation, reprocessing

Have you invested in test equipment and now need to relocate your test laboratory?

We will undertake the relocation of your existing anechoic chambers and shielded rooms. To perform this task, we offer spare parts and a service that can perform a preliminary audit so that we can commit to maintaining or even improving on the current performance.

The relocation service includes disassembly, transportation between sites, reassembly in either the identical configuration or with the integration of the required modifications.

When your shielded room or anechoic chamber reaches the end of its service life, we are there to dismount the facility, dispose of it and reprocess the electromagnetic absorbers in accordance with the applicable legislation.