Pre-project phase


Facilitate decision making with a complete project definition

Our wealth of experience has taught us just how difficult it is to define a project, which is why we accompany you during this important phase.
Thanks to our expertise, we can advise you and support you with our skills acquired through our familiarity with multiple applications in many different countries and across a wide product range.

We help create value for our customers by bringing together top-quality products and engineering support. This leads to an excellent return on investment for our users.

An offer to meet your profile

All the questions you may have concerning your project deserve an answer and we know that it is essential to deal with them as quickly as possible because they have far-reaching impacts: finance, lead times, footprints, preparatory work, etc.

For Siepel, the trust-based, long-term relations that we have with our customers are vital. That is why we work with you from the very start of your project in order to support you during the definition of your project requirements and the associated budget.

Our organizational structure allows us to respond to all your queries and simplify the task of drawing up a concrete specification that covers every aspect of the project.

The support we provide covers the correct interpretation of the relevant standards as well as the configuration of the tests and all the interfaces required for the correct functioning of the facility in its operating environment. It is intended for users, prime contractors and project owners alike.

On request, we can also supply additional services and equipment both in France and internationally:

  • RF measuring equipment,
  • Software,
  • Near-field measuring scanners,
  • Civil engineering, etc.

A dedicated contact person who will be at your side as of the pre-project phase

During the project qualification phase, you will benefit from having a direct contact person who will manage the precise definition of your requirements and will ensure that your constraints and requirements are understood. Our sales engineer calls on our in-house expertise in order to prepare a customized offer for you.

As of this stage, we will commit ourselves to the technical solution, the project lead times and the price. We will allow ourselves no contractual modifications or delays.

This is the approach that we adopt for every project and every brand: 

  • New, 
  • Renovation, 
  • Upgrades to facilities.

A dedicated contact person to manage your project

Definition of requirements and assistance during the drafting of the specifications

Commitment to quality, price and lead times

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