Cyber security has been one of our core business for more than 30 years.

Our fields of application are Tempest (compromising emanations), EMP, HEMP, HIRF.

SIEPEL designs, manufactures and implements high performance shielded rooms: self-supporting modular type and copper foil.

SIEPEL offers dual use secure meeting rooms providing electromagnetic and acoustic insulation. The finishing match with high standard quality (lighting, internal finishes, etc.).

These secure rooms are perfectly suitable for government agencies, ministries, ambassies.

SIEPEL offers a range of shielded materials adapted to existing premises. The architectural shielding is directly applied on the sides of the parent building.

Those racks are high perfomances solutions (19’, 20’, 22’, …) fully adapted to customers’ application.

In order to secure sensitive meetings, SIEPEL has developed a secure box providing a dual insulation: electromagnetic and acoustic. The secure box prevents from recording conversations and communicating.The acoustic protection is made of a passive and active combination.

SIEPEL manufactures a complete range of high performance shielded pouches designed to isolate all types of communication equipment (GPS, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).

Our pouches prevent the reception or emission of electromagnetic waves from these devices. During sensitive meetings, radio communication and localization are interrupted.