For applications in space field for example, SIEPEL offers high power absorbers (AHP) covering a frequency range from 300 MHz to 50 GHz. They are dedicated to areas subject to high power densities (20 kW/m² CW) and they can withstand high temperatures generated by a strong field.

These absorbers offer following remarkable physical properties:

  • Flexibility: easily manageable products
  • Mechanical resistance: excellent ageing resistance
  • Maximum temperature: +200°C
  • Fire resistance: in accordance with ISO 11925-2 Euroclass E, NRL 8093 – tests 1, 2 and 3, and DIN 4102 – B2
  • Notable reflectivity performances and resistance over time
  • Compliance with environmental standards: raw materials in accordance with REACH & RoHS standards


Moreover, throughout the manufacturing process, our absorbers are submitted to numerous factory tests, as defined by our quality management system. Indeed, our products follow a rigorous checking process, which allows us to engage ourselves in guaranteed performances.