SIEPEL designs, manufactures and implements modular or copper shielded rooms for a high-performance shielding, in order to perform microwave tests or antenna measurements. They can also be used to support the anechoic chambers to optimize the performances according to the customers’ needs.


This type of shielding has many advantages:

  • excellent ageing
  • good corrosion resistance
  • adaptation to any size or geometry requirement of the installation room
  • High-performances


The cover the frequency range from 10kHz to 40 GHz and, of course, the shielding performances meet the requirements of the current standards.

This self-supporting construction can be easily dismantled, moved and enlarged.

They are made of copper foil (thickness depending on required performances) put on the walls of the installation room, for a high-performance electromagnetic protection in the cyber security area.

This structure is based on a concrete support (floor, walls and ceiling) for example, assembling strips by tin soldering. This method allows to cover the entire volume of the premise, even with irregular geometry (dressing of columns and beams, rounded corners, stairwell, etc.).