Since 1986, SIEPEL has been manufacturing in France high quality shielded rooms and anechoic chambers dedicated to Tempest, NEMP & HIRF.

TEMPEST is the mean to protect against technical surveillance or eavesdropping of classified information data-processing equipment by applying appropriate shielding, grounding and bonding.

Our shielded rooms are compliant with MIL- STD / IEEE / GAM T20, SDIP, NATO standards, …

Equipment & services proposed: Shielded rooms (modular, copper of welded steel), Shielded tents for Tempest applications, Shielded racks, racking cabinets with very high level shielding effectiveness, Maintenance of all kinds of installations, all manufacturers, Training, Shielding effectiveness measurements.

References: Governments from France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Algeria, Azerbaidjan & European Commission, among others one HIRF site more than 100 meters long.

copper room
  Siepel manufacture and install on a turnkey basis copper foil rooms for industrial and military applications: Tempest, HIRF, NEMP. Any size is available and this shielding fits also with any type...
architectural shielding
Siepel offer a range of high quality architectural shielding materials dedicated to tempest applications. Frequency range: 10 MHz to 3 GHz Please contact us for further details
SIEPEL propose many products and services dedicated to protect information systems against cyber attacks : - shielded rooms - secure rooms - shielded pouches
EMC chamber for Defence
These chambers are used to qualify IT equipment according to NATO, MIL STD, SDIP, ... standards
multi-layer flat absorbers
  AT/AH are a range of flat absorbers consisting of 3 or 5 layers of polyether polyurethane foam with 90% open cells impregnated by a dielectric carbon solution a binder and a fire retardant. Used to...
HIRF chamber
This type of chamber is specifically designed for high intensity radiated field
SIEPEL manufactures high performances modular shielded rooms: double-layer sandwich type and single-layer pan type. The shielding effectiveness performances meet the requirements of current standards...
Dedicated to the test of Specific Absorption Rate +
We propose any type of shielded cabinets and mini shielded rooms from 10 kHz – 40 GHz, Shielding effectiveness: 120 dB Contact us for more information
Pouches Siepel
SIEPEL offers a complete line of shielded pouches dedicated to protect data during sensitive meetings & for Forensic purposes. Many dimensions available to host smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS...