Monitoring of the electromagnetic spectrum ARAN

Monitoring of the electromagnetic spectrum

ARAN, a mechanism defined and marketed by Siepel, is a solution for the permanent monitoring of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It meets the vital need to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive discussions within a dedicated environment by automatically and permanently checking for the absence of undesirable transmissions (audio and video). If any unauthorized emissions are detected, an alarm is issued and the control centre receives a classification of the level of criticality (major, urgent, critical).

Detection of suspect devices

Prevent the industrial espionage

This equipment detects (in the frequency range 10 kHz – 6 GHz) any unauthorized device transmitting in a specific environment (conference rooms, offices, temporary locations, etc.). In particular:

  • During ad hoc meetings of great strategic importance
  • In the event of suspected industrial espionage or leakage of information
  • Following works in sensitive premises
  • Following an ESO / TSCM service
  • In risk situations

Made in France

This equipment, which is 100% French, is used in addition to an Electronic Security Operation (E.S.O).

The ARAN system is intended for government institutions and private clients both in France and abroad.