Shielding has been SIEPEL core business since its creation in 1986. We offer several technical solutions depending on the hosting room and expected shielding effectiveness.

SIEPEL designs, manufactures and installs modular shielded rooms for high-performance shielding, in order to perform Electromagnetic Compatibility tests or even to provide electromagnetic protection in the field of cybersecurity. They can also be used to support the anechoic chambers to optimize the performances, according to the customers’ needs.

This self-supporting construction is made of composite panels covered with steel sheets. The assembly is made by steel profiles and self-tapping screws. The structure does not need to have joint or gasket, bolt or insert, which ensures a possibility of disassembly / reassembly to infinity without degradation of performance. Therefore, this assembly principle does not require maintenance.

This type of shielding has many advantages:

  • excellent ageing
  • good corrosion resistance
  • easy disassembly, modification, reassembly
  • adaptation to any size or geometry requirement of the installation room


The concerned frequency range is 10kHz to 40 GHz and, of course, the shielding performances meet the requirements of the current standards.


SIEPEL designs, manufactures and installs shielded rooms made of copper foil (thickness depending on required performances) put on the walls of the installation room, for a high-performance electromagnetic protection in the cyber security area.

This structure is based on a concrete support (floor, walls and ceiling) for example, assembling strips by tin soldering. This method allows to cover the entire volume of the premise, even with irregular geometry (dressing of columns and beams, rounded corners, stairwell, etc.).

Copper rooms are particularly adapted to large dimensions premises (datacenters, ops rooms, etc.) for tempest, High Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

This kind of shielding presents many advantages:

  • Excellent ageing properties
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Adaptation to customers’ needs in terms of dimensions or geometry of the installation room


The concerned frequency range is 10kHz to 40GHz and, of course, shielding weaknesses performances meet the requirements of actual standards.


SIEPEL offers a range of shielded materials adapted to existing premises.

Our architectural shielding allows to avoid interceptions and electromagnetic disturbances over a very wide frequency range from 1MHz to 10GHz. They are especially dedicated to tempest applications.

This solution presents the following advantages:

  • Easy and quick installation (coating directly glued to the walls of the installation room)
  • Electromagnetic insulation that can be coupled with acoustic insulation
  • Finishes adapted to meeting rooms


SIEPEL designs, manufactures and installs high-performance shielded doors for shielded rooms of all kinds: steel (modular, bolted, soltered), copper or architectural.

Many references are available:

  • Leaf door: simple or double-leaf
  • Three-leaf door with retractable threshold
  • Lateral motion sliding door
  • Sliding door
  • Automatic actuation: manually / electrically / pneumatically / hydraulically
  • Clear opening adapted to personnel and equipment


The method used for the electromagnetic connection between the leaf and the frame, is a brass knife which mechanical link the bronze beryllium contacts, at the closure. This kind of technology presents various advantages:

  • High-performance electromagnetic shielding
  • Easy and ergonomic handling
  • Self-cleaning and unbreakable contacts
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Minimum of maintenance


Thanks to its organisation and experience, SIEPEL is able to manufacture particular models of doors according to specific needs. For instance, we have references for applications needing large dimensions doors to allow the access to military vehicles or aeronautic equipment.