Faradization elements

We manufacture and assemble all the parts of a shielded room

As a manufacturer with several production facilities, we offer :

  • Single, double, triple, sliding, manual/air assisted and electric doors, up to 75m² of clearance;
  • High- and low-current filters;
  • Honeycomb air vents for ventilation;
  • Waveguides for fluids, gases, fibre optics;
  • Penetration panels;
  • RF seals.

Focus on Siepel high performance doors

The door is a crucial element of a shielded room/anechoic chamber. The range of doors we offer provides the highest quality features, both from a mechanical and RF performance point of view. They are easy to maintain also.

The process used for the electromagnetic connection between the door leaf and the frame is a brass knife mechanically connecting beryllium bronze contacts. This technology has many advantages:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance and easy maintenance (self-cleaning contacts),
  • Very high level of electromagnetic faradisation performance,
  • Easy and comfortable to handle in manual mode,
  • Robust and reliable assembly based on mechanical robustness tests,
  • Low maintenance.

Shielded doors to meet the requirements of many fields

Several models available :

  • Swing doors: single, double and triple leaf with retractable threshold ;
  • Lateral movement door.

Many sizes available :

  • Up to 7m wide and 11m high,
  • Customised sizes possible.

Options for shielded doors: from automation to biometrics

Available options :

  • Automation systems: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic locking assistance …
  • Access control by badge, fingerprint scanner or retina scan system;
  • Access ramps for all types of material (up to several tons of admissible mass).

We have references for applications requiring very large doors for access to military, aeronautical and space equipment. These doors are suitable for use in clean rooms in accordance with ISO 4 classification according to ISO 14644-1.

Sold as separate items, these doors can be installed on any type of shielding (modular steel/bolted/welded, copper, architectural …).

Zoom on Siepel filters

We offer a wide range of models designed for the access of electrical, telephone and computer networks in the shielded room while respecting radiated and conducted shielding performances. Applications: EMC, anti-eavesdropping, HEMP.

  • Power filters: single/three phase, DC, 110 – 230 – 400V, 50-60-400-800 Hz, up to several hundred Amperes, over a frequency range of 14 kHz to 40GHz
  • Signal and low current filters: for computer networks (according to the bandwidth), telephone, bus, control signals, alarms …

We provide you our technical expertise in the choice of your filters. Customized filters are available on request.