Anechoic chambers

Anechoic chambers: the essential facility for reliable EMC tests and antenna measurements

An anechoic chamber consists of a shielded room covered with electromagnetic absorbers. These chambers are vital for anyone wanting to perform EMC tests and antenna measurements in free-field conditions:

  • the shielded room isolates the tested equipment from external pollutant electromagnetic waves,
  • the absorbers absorb the electromagnetic waves and prevent any reverberation.

Anechoic chambers for verifying the electromagnetic compatibility of your electronic equipment

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is defined as the ability of an electrical/electronic device to function at its nominal level in the electromagnetic environment for which it was designed. All manufacturers of electronic equipment must qualify or arrange for the qualification of their equipment prior to its market release.

A variety of regulations specify the threshold values to be respected by electronic equipment. Emission tests and tests of immunity to radiation are performed in anechoic chambers.

We supply anechoic chambers that comply with the applicable regulations and standards in the industrial, automotive, aeronautics, defence and other sectors.

Anechoic chambers for the characterization of your antenna

To characterize an antenna (radiation pattern for example, of type Radio/Telecoms, Radar, etc.), it is necessary to work with transmission conditions that reproduce the free-space environment as closely as possible. In theory, this is a far-field environment with no reflections or electromagnetic pollution.

Working outdoors in a far-field environment as in the past imposes significant constraints. Developments in the field of antenna measurement software have made it possible to perform reliable near-field measurements in an anechoic chamber.

Anechoic chambers provide a “quiet area” with controlled measurement conditions (electric field, homogeneity …).

We define custom anechoic chambers that take account of all the measurement parameters required by the user.

Mini-anechoic chambers for tests of wireless technologies

The mini-anechoic chambers make it possible to test small IoT, RF / microwave devices, electronic boards, etc. They are the ideal solution for R&D, prototype or production control tests for these products. Just like a full-size anechoic chamber, they create a repeatable electromagnetic environment and isolate the equipment that is to be tested.

We offer anechoic chambers that comply with the applicable standards and regulations for your emission and radiation immunity tests.

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