Antenna measurements anechoic chambers

Our antenna measurement solutions

We define specific anechoic chambers considering all the measurement parameters expected by the user: reflectivity performances of the absorbers, antenna positioners … We also collaborate with most of the antenna measurement systems suppliers to offer you a turnkey solution, and this as prime contractor or as a separate service.

To define this type of anechoic chamber we take into consideration:

  • The antennas to be tested (particularly the size of the antennas),
  • The conditions of use,
  • The frequencies,
  • The positioner (static, multi-axis …).

We also propose compact ranges allowing to create controlled far field wave propagation conditions. In such a limited space, we are able to generate an environment similar to the one encountered by the satellite during its commissioning.

Our anechoic chambers and compact ranges

Each chamber is specifically defined according to the nature of the measurements made by the user and the type of antenna tested:

  • Antenna measurement chambers with integration of near field scanners and positioners. For this integration, Siepel collaborates with relevant companies worldwide. Numerous projects have been completed (Turkey, Singapore, Denmark, Great Britain, etc.) ;
  • Chambers integrating Target Motion Simulators (TMS) and Flight Motion Simulators (FMS) for “RF HardWare In the Loop” tests. Several references in France and internationally ;
  • Anechoic chambers (compact range type) with one or two reflectors which can also be used in clean rooms (class 4 according to ISO 14644-1). Possibility of integrating an overhead crane and other mechanical elements ;
  • Chambers for Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements ;
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) chambers suitable for telecommunication antennas, its special design allows measurements of very low PIM levels. Also used for VSWR (Standing Wave Ratio) measurements of antennas.

Choosing Siepel means benefiting from:

  • A package (test equipment and chamber) adapted to your needs,
  • Confidence through guaranteed and verified performance after installation,
  • Long-term customer support during and after project completion,
  • An organization in project management mode putting the customer at the heart of the project.