Shielded racks

Shielding and electromagnetic attenuation

A high level of performance

These are rack-type frames (19’, 20’, 22’, …) which are protected by shielding in order to isolate sensitive information processing systems against the threat of electromagnetic attacks and interception.

The electromagnetic attenuation achieved provides outstanding performance with values of over 100 dB in the range from 10 MHz to 10 GHz.

Customizable racks

Based on solutions which it has already designed and implemented, Siepel adapts the proposed product to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of :

  • technology (modular or welded steel),
  • structural format,
  • interfaces,
  • number of access points (door at front and/or back),
  • feed-through plates,
  • fittings,
  • etc.



These racks can be mobile (lifting lugs, castor-mounted).


Fittings are provided for appropriate interfaces such as: high- and low-current filtering, ventilation, fibre-optic cableways, access control (lock, badge reader, etc.).