Standards and technical recommendation

Confidentiality of meetings and protection of data

Cyber threats in infrastructure

Cyber threats assume many forms and primarily affect infrastructure: buildings, offices, conference rooms, critical locations, data centres, etc.

The vulnerabilities relate to:

  • the confidentiality of sensitive meetings: risks of interception, loss of confidentiality, bugging and concealed surveillance systems,
  • the protection of data processing systems, for example in IT rooms, data centres threatened by a risk of interception and electromagnetic attack (IEMI).

Electromagnetic and acoustic protection

Siepel provides you with a wide range of products to meet your needs for electromagnetic and acoustic protection. These solutions comply with regulatory, standardized requirements, including MIL-STD-285, EN50147-1, IEEE 299.

Shielding from Siepel is produced on the basis of a dedicated schedule of specifications to ensure bespoke implementation that responds to the specificities of the installation site.

These shielded rooms can be disassembled and relocated with no loss of performance.


Inspection and maintenance

Siepel also provides inspection services to determine the performance of buildings and the employed shielding. Finally, Siepel supports its customers in the maintenance of the facilities throughout their entire operational lifetime.