Offered services

A variety of measurements compliant with applicable standards

Our complete range of measurements services complies with current regulations to assess the performance level of your installations.

These services are done in two steps. First of all, a test plan is submitted for approval before the measurements. We will then independantly draw test reports out detailing the performances of your installation. All measurements that are within the scope of our accreditation will be delivered to you following the requirements set out by the French Accreditation Commitee (COFRAC).

These services apply to all anechoic chambers and Faraday cages regardless of their original manufacturer.

Shielded rooms and anechoic – reverberation chambers measurements

Shielded rooms and anechoic / reverberation chambers:
SE Shielding effectiveness 10 kHz – 40 GHz EN-50147-1*
NSA Normalised site attenuation 30 MHz – 1 GHz CISPR 16-1-4*
ANSI C63.4
EN 50147-2
S-VSWR Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1GHz – 18 GHz CISPR 16-1-4*
FU Field uniformity 26 MHz – 18 GHz EN 61000-4-3*
IEC 61000-4-3*
ALSE Absorber Lined Shielding Enclosure 150 kHz – 1 GHz CISPR 25
MSRC-SU Mode stirred reverberation chamber validation: Statis- tical uniformity 80 MHz – 40 GHz EN 61000-4-21
DO 160 ISO 11452-11
FS-VSWR Quiet zone characterization Free space VSWR method 500 MHz – 40 GHz IEEE 149
SCD Screen room damping DEF STAN-59-411
TD Quiet zone characterization: Time domain reflectometry method 500 MHz – 40 GHz N/A
AD Acoustic damping 250 Hz – 8 kHz EN ISO 11957
Materials characterisation:
ARC Absorbing materials reflectivity characterisation 10 MHz – 50 GHz IEEE 1128
MC Materials properties: permittivity and permeability 10 MHz – 18 GHz N/A

*Measurements within the scope of accreditation No.1-7068