For more than 15 years, SIEPEL has designed, manufactured and installed reverberation chambers dedicated to emission and immunity measurements in high field situations. They enable radiated disturbance tests (EMC) and are increasingly used for military, aeronautic, and automotive applications in response to MIL STD 461, DO 160, EN 61000-4-21 and automotive standards.

These shielded enclosures are fitted with a metal stirrer which modifies the resonance conditions of the cavity to obtain a very random field. They have the ability to produce strong fields (several hundreds or thousands V/m) that are statistically isotropic and uniform, with an optimised input power.

Our strengths?

  • Guaranteed performances with a high level of load
  • Turnkey solutions including software in French, English and Russian, as well as test equipments.


Our years of experience and Research & Development have allowed us to create mode stirred reverberation chambers which are unique in the world.

SIEPEL has published a technical guidebook on this subject. Paper copies are available on request at the following email address: