Shielded cabinets Siepel

Faced with the increasing evolution of wireless technologies and an incrementally disturbed environment, we have developed mini Faraday cages (on a frame or table) allowing:

  • Isolation of all electronic and radio devices,
  • investigation and debug your equipment in the R&D or production phases.

Thanks to their high level of faradisation, our mini Faraday cages isolate your devices from unwanted external interference and emissions, with an attenuation of up to 120 dB.

Absorbers (ferrites and/or pyramids) can be added for radio tests.

Available features and options

  • Adaptable to small RF / microwave devices and/or antennas;
  • Cutting-edge shielded door for optimum shielding effectiveness up to 120 dB;
  • Different levels of shielding depending on the type of technology used;
  • Standard design from 50 x 50x 20 cm to 1 m3. For larger sizes, please refer to the shielded rooms page.
  • Each of the dimensions (length, width, height) can be modified;
  • Space-saving and space-optimized;
  • Frame with castors for easy movement.

Adapted to the technical specifications of our customers, options can be implemented such as RF connectors, honeycomb vents, fibre optic converters, a window to see the equipment under test and shielded gloves to access it …