Anechoic cabinets

Our mini anechoic chambers for wireless applications

These are small anechoic chambers that can hold various electronic products (standard model of 50 x 50 x 20 cm to 1 cubic meter and possible customization). They are either placed on the floor, on a bench or on a mobile frame.

These mini anechoic chambers are particularly suitable for wireless technology applications (5G, IoT, small RF/microwave devices, electronic cards …). Especially at the R&D, prototype and production control stages.

They allow to create a repetitive electromagnetic environment and isolate the equipment to be tested with a shielding efficiency up to 120 dB. These mini anechoic chambers are equipped with specific feedthroughs for the product under test (Sub D, fiber optic converters, coaxial connectors, …). Moreover, different options are available: ventilation by honeycomb grid, window to visualize the equipment under test, electrical filters (AC, DC).

The walls are covered with electromagnetic absorbers defined according to the desired frequency range:

  • SEA-FE ferrite absorbers, frequency range: 30 MHz – 1 GHz
  • SEA-PM pyramidal foam absorbers, frequency range: 800 MHz – 40 GHz

We also manufacture mini faradized boxes not covered with absorbers.

Advantages of mini anechoic chambers

  • Fully customizable dimensions, designs and fittings.
  • High quality locking system allowing a very high rate of use
  • Customization of the EUT fastening system possible
  • High performance material
  • High efficiency of faradization
  • Made in France in our workshops
  • Easily movable and compact size
  • Robust for life in the laboratory