Shielded pouches

High-performance shielded pouches

Siepel can supply a full range of high-performance shielded pouches designed to isolate all types of communication equipment (GPS, phones, tablets, computers, etc.).

These high-performance pouches prevent the reception or transmission of the signals emitted/received by these devices. This protection is assured over a very wide frequency spectrum. Data transmissions are interrupted in order to protect discussions during confidential meetings and when on the move (travel, trade fairs, vehicles, offices, conference rooms, etc.).

These pouches can also be used to preserve the integrity of legal evidence (forensic applications) when IT equipment is seized by the public authorities.

Our priority: quality


These products are available in various dimensions and can be customized in accordance with the customer’s requirements: exterior fabric, logo, ring attachment, marking with serial number, etc.

Made in France

The pouches are manufactured in France and inspected prior to dispatch; the customer is supplied with a report indicating the measured performance.