TSCM Measures

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

The aim of an Electronic Security Operation is to detect, geolocate and identify any bugging device or malicious surveillance system capable of intercepting sensitive information.
Such operations, whether temporary or permanent, are performed in rooms, buildings, vehicles, ships and aircraft.

Identify the context

Intervention conditions

There are various contexts in which this type of monitoring may be necessary:

  • In order to monitor the strategic and sensitive locations in a company,
  • Suspected interception of private or business conversations,
  • Suspected industrial espionage or leakage of information,
  • After works have been performed in sensitive premises,
  • Before moving into new offices or premises,
  • Prior to a sensitive meeting by performing an ESO to protect the room or for the real-time monitoring of illicit emissions during the meeting.


Siepel respects the principles of ethics and confidentiality. The director of the measurement team previously worked for the government and Siepel possesses the required administrative authorizations in compliance with articles R226-3 and R226-1.

These operations are intended for private and government clients in France and abroad.