1986: Creation of SIEPEL

1992: Beginning of absorbers manufacturing

1993: SIEPEL became the first manufacturer to use plastic paint on absorbers

1996: Invention of a removable system for ferrite absorbers

2004: Implementing of the first EMC chamber for a 10m long measurements in India

2006: Construction of an additional manufacturing building dedicated to large dimensions doors

2007: Construction of the longest anechoic chamber in Europe (105m long)

2008: Refurbishment / expansion of the administration building (headquarter). SIEPEL has an 8000 m² total surface area.

2009: Publication by SIEPEL of the first technical guidebook dedicated to reverberation chambers

2014: Implementing of the first accredited EMC laboratory in Africa (Tunisia) with an EMC chamber for 10m long measurements and associated instrumentation

2017: ISO/IEC accreditation 17025: 2005 (scope n° 1-6220 available on www.cofrac.fr)

2017: Increasing of absorbers manufacturing capabilities

2018: Opening of a sales office in Taiwan for the benefit of Asia, Russia and MEA countries